White-Label Auction Software Customized for Every Client

Create your own private marketplace with our cloud-based software + Control who bids & who can sell in your auctions

The freedom to choose from 9 auction formats + Custom made-to-order by our team to match your brand & business needs exactly

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Manage Auction Users

Manage Your Buyers & Sellers

Invitation-Only Marketplace

Decide who gets access to your private market + Control who sells in your market and who bids in the auctions + Manage the credit level of each bidder, ensuring no one bids above their budget

Fine-Grained Bidder Control

Flexibility to control which bidders see which auctions + Built-in filters to quickly define bidder groups based on budgets, expiration dates, and location + Bidder penalties and discounts

Bidding Screen

Informative Bidding Screens

Real-Time Instant Updates

Product information is updated instantly to every bidder + High Bidder and Outbid alerts are instantly broadcast to affected bidders + Bidders always see most up-to-date information

User-Friendly Bidding Screens

Bidding screens provide all relevant bidding information to bidders + Embed videos, images, and downloadable files right in the page + Only allows valid bids to be placed, preventing errors

Auction Formats

Multiple Auction Formats Available

Choose the Best Format

Choose the ideal auction format that maximizes your revenue + Customize the rules specific to that format + Use our expert guidance to help you choose the right format & rules based on your product

Advanced Auction Formats Available

Our Premium option enables advanced auction formats + Advanced Dutch Auction, Demand Curve Auction & the popular Multi-Block English Auction + Advanced formats allow for more complex auction designs suitable for hard-to-value products.

Mobile Ready Mobile Ready

Phone and Tablet Ready

  • + A design optimized for phones and tablets
  • + Get the full admin functionality on the phone
  • + Bidders can bid on the move directly from phone
  • + Auctioneers can create new auctions on the phone or tablet
  • + Upload photos and videos directly from phone
  • + Fast download speeds on mobile devices
  • + Receive SMS messages for auction events like outbid and wins

Multiple Reports for Admins & Bidders

Track the results of auctions, product lines, bidders & sellers all through our well-designed and informative reports.

Dynamic Reports with Live Data

Reports are updated in real-time ensuring it is always up-to-date with the latest bids, prices, and winners.

Ready for Customized Reports

New reports can be easily added to the software ensuring we can deliver a customized report in a format you're already using in your business.


We cloned the iPhone's messaging system into our software letting you send images, videos & files.


Print out invoices in PDF form after each auction finishes & track their payments in the software.

Document Management

Upload documents to our server and control access to view them for bidders and auctioneers.


Run everything from our servers in the cloud ensuring 99.999% uptime & a stress free tech stack.


Choose to receive notifications in the App, via SMS, or Email for all auction related events.


Bank-level security including 256-bit SSL, salted & hashed passwords, and 2-factor authentication.

Want to Know More about AuctionGo?

Email us or give us a call to discuss our software and how it can be customized to solve your auction or marketplace requirements


Customized Solution
$ 1,499 /mo
  • Unlimited
  • Up to 50
  • Unlimited
  • 4
  • 9-4 CST email support


Advanced Customized Solution
$ 1,999 /mo
  • Unlimited
  • Up to 300
  • Unlimited
  • 30
  • Direct phone line to tech team


Scalable Customized Solution
Call Us
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • To Be Determined
  • Direct phone line to tech team

Presented by Optimal Auctions

AuctionGo is brought to you by the world renowned team at Optimal Auctions. Over the last 20 years, Optimal Auctions has provided enterprise-level high-stakes auctions for national governments, private companies and NGO's. Recent auctions include some of the biggest auctions in the world, billion dollar spectrum auctions and rough diamond auctions for 10% of the world's diamond supply.

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